Jack Taylor shattered the NCAA single-game scoring record

By Michael Bradford


Jack Taylor scoring a 138 points

Guard Jack Taylor from Grinnell College shattered the NCAA single-game scoring record by scoring 138 points in a game against Faith Baptist Bible. Taylor started his basketball career in Black River Falls, Wisconsin where he played for Black River Falls High School for four years. In his senior year he averaged 20 points and 4.7 assists per game and was named Coulee Conference Player of the Year.

Before Taylor’s record breaking performance, he was on a cold streak shooting only 11 from 41 shots at the Wartburg Tournament. “Maybe my cold shooting from the weekend was affecting me,” Taylor said. “But then they started to drop.” Tuesday night Taylor came out red hot scoring 58 points by halftime. He ended the game shooting 52 of 108 shots and scored 81 points from three point land.

Taylor’s performance caught the eye of a couple of NBA superstars such as Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton. “I never heard of nothing like that. That’s like a video game,” Anthony said with an incredulous look on his face. “How can you shoot 100 times, though?” Felton also added “His elbow has got to be sore”.

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