Family Feud – Harbaugh’s bros to the Super Bowl

By Michael Bradford

John and Jim Harbaugh, born only 15 months apart, one who favors defense the other is offensive minded will face off in the Super Bowl. This Super Bowl sounds like a story only Hollywood could cook up. The 10-6 Ravens will face the 11-4-1 49ers. Both teams last year lost in the respective conference games, both just inches away from the Super Bowl. This year is a shot at redemption, but must face a bitter sweet foe in there brother.

Each team being a reflection of there coaches. John played as defensive back in high school and at Miami University of Ohio. The Ravens defense has always been revered as one of the NFL’s greatest defenses. Jim on the other hand played quarter back at the University of Michigan, and went on to play in the NFL for 14 seasons. The 49ers high powered offense includes dynamic passing plays and also includes the read option.

The 49ers come into this match as a 4 point favorite. But, the Ravens have nothing to fear as they won against the Patriots last week as an 9 point underdog.

Leave your thoughts and comments. let us know where you stand on the Harbaugh Bowl.


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