Vick’s New Deal

By Michael Bradford

Michael Vick just signed a 10 million dollar one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles this week. Vick has struggled the last two seasons going 10-13 and has been prone to injury missing nine games the past two years. Vick believes that his one year deal will set the stage for him to thrive. He seems very optimistic to get back on the field and lead Chip Kelly’s high tempo spread offense.

Looking back at Kelly’s Quarterback track record Dennis Dixon, Darron Thomas, and Marcus Mariota are all mobile quarterbacks that attempted at least 90 carries in a full season with Kelly. But, will Kelly use the same spread offense in the NFL? Looking at how the NFL is transforming with running quarterbacks such as RG3 and Kaepernick, Kelly should use the same style of offense as he did in Oregon and utilize Vicks running ability. The option read can add another dynamic to the Eagles offense that will give them an edge and it will help out the Eagles’ terrible offensive line by allowing the defense think twice when waiting for the read.

Restructuring Vicks contract was probably the best thing for Vicks career. The Eagles bring in a coach that can tailor to his strengths. Also Vicks competition in Philly isn’t too rough, Nick Foles possibly Dennis Dixon. Two quarterbacks who aren’t exactly franchise quarterbacks. Vick should win this starting spot with ease. So far this has been a successful off-season for the Eagles, however we won’t know how successful it is until the season.


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