Four Alabama Freshmen Facing Charges

By Cass Waters

A former five-star recruit for Alabama was arrested for the second time in two days and was among four freshmen, all suspended Tuesday, who face charges of second-degree robbery or credit-card fraud stemming from Monday arrests.

According to a police report acquired by at least two Alabama newspapers, Eddie Williams, one of the men involved, admitted to investigators that he physically assaulted another man “and rendered him unconscious” on campus Monday morning at 3:21 CT at Bryant Hall dormitory. Williams then stole a credit card and used it for several purchases, according to police. The report said it was used at a vending machine.  Tyler Hayes, 18, also confessed to robbing the student, who was punched in the head and face and kicked in the ribs and back. Williams said D.J. Pettway, 20, a defensive lineman, and Hayes waited in a nearby vehicle about an hour later while he knocked out and robbed another student. Williams and running back Brent Calloway, 20, both admitted to using a stolen credit card to buy snacks from vending machines inside a dormitory, the documents said.

The four players were suspended by Alabama on Tuesday afternoon.

“The young men charged are indefinitely suspended as we continue to gather information and talk to the appropriate people,” coach Nick Saban said in a statement released by the Alabama athletic department. “The university and football program have strict guidelines regarding issues of this magnitude. This behavior is unacceptable for any student-athlete at the University of Alabama and not representative of our football program.”

This is a sad story , here you have four boys with a bright future ahead of them and they blow it all for what? Food from the vending machine? One of the students who had been robbed did get their laptop stolen but most of the purchases were used on vending machines which is just unnerving to think someone could be so stupid to beat a student and rob them for something so petty.

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